The Associated Press is the world's oldest and largest wire service, according to information from its Web site.

The AP, as it is commonly known, is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its member news organizations. It was founded in 1848.

According to its site, as of 2005, The AP:

  • Has 3,700 employees working in 242 worldwide bureaus.
  • Has won 48 Pultizer Prizes. Of these, 29 have been for photos, and that number is more than any other organization has received for photos.
  • Serves 1,700 U.S. daily, weekly, non-English and college newspapers; 5,000 broadcast outlets. This includes 55 taking AP All News Radio, AP's 24-hour news radio network and 330 international broadcasters.
  • Serves 121 countries, with work in English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish.
  • Has a 24-hour continuously updated online news service, a state-of-the-art television news service and photo library housing more than 10 million images and provides advertising management services.

The AP stylebook has become the de facto standard for American newspapers.

In April 2005, The AP established a license fee for material used on members' Web sites. It was to take effect in 2006.

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