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Accuracy and corrections[]

  • Do numbers and types of corrections correlate with anything?
  • Do newspapers monitor or analyze corrections? If so, what is the result?
  • What types of corrections are most common (such as name, date, etc.)?
  • How much does length of time in a given subject or geographic area affect accuracy?
  • Features journalists sometimes have more time and sports journalists often have less time, with other departments in between. Does that correlate with accuracy?

Copy editing[]

  • How much and in what ways do bosses or papers reward individual copy editors?
  • What formal or informal methods do individual copy editors or their bosses use to gauge their performance?
  • What is the monetary value of potential libel suits or other legal problems that copy editors prevent?
  • What do copy editors argue about, among themselves and with other journalists? Why? How are the arguments resolved?
  • If you give a varied group of copy editors the same story (especially one that's messy), what will they do the same and what will they do that's different?
  • Reporters sometimes set goals for themselves such as getting on 1A, enterprise work or winning awards. What goals do copy editors set for themselves?


  • What affects creativity? Is it different for different types of journalists?


  • How much do headline counts affect headline accuracy?
  • How much do headline counts affect the attraction to the reader of the headline?
  • How much, if at all, do bad breaks affect readers?
  • Do headline sizes correlate with rack sales?


  • What types of errors or problems are most common in infographics?


  • Do news organizations affect voter turnout? How and how much? (Possibly it could be correlated with community trust in institutions, anonymous sources, amount and quality of pre-election coverage, etc.)
  • Do news organizations affect voters' views about third parties? How and how much?


  • Journalists on the whole are not good at math. But what specific types of mistakes are most common?
  • In reporting on polls, how often is the margin of sampling error included?

Rack sales[]

  • Does the proportion of rack sales and subscriptions correlate with anything?

Reader engagement[]

  • Readers often stop reading stories before they get to the end. How much do various factors contribute to a reader moving on from any given story?

Web sites[]

  • What is the current direct return on investment for newspaper Web sites? How much does it vary and why?


  • How much do wire services vary in responsiveness to wire editors? Which are best or worst?
  • Do copy editors or newspapers handle anonymous sources in wire stories differently than in local stories? If so, how and why?


  • How much does workload affect performance?

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