About NewsTrust[]

In recent years, the consolidation of mainstream media, combined with the rise of opinion news and the explosion of new media outlets, have created a serious problem for democracy: many people feel they can no longer trust the news media to deliver the information they need as citizens.

To address this critical issue, NewsTrust is developing an online news rating service to help people identify quality journalism - or "news you can trust." Our members rate the news online, based on journalistic quality, not just popularity. Our beta website and news feed feature the best and the worst news of the day, picked from hundreds of alternative and mainstream news sources.

This non-profit community effort tracks news media nationwide and helps citizens make informed decisions about democracy. Submitted stories and news sources are carefully researched and rated for balance, fairness and originality by panels of citizen reviewers, students and journalists. Their collective ratings, reviews and tags are then featured in our news feed, for online distribution by our members and partners.

Management & Advisors[]


  • Fabrice Florin – Executive Director
  • Rory O'Connor – Editorial Director
  • David Fox – Production Director


  • Wes Boyd - Co-founder and President of
  • Krista Bradford - Bradford Executive Research
  • Doug Carlston - Chairman of Public Radio International
  • Robert Cox - President of the Media Bloggers Association
  • Bill Densmore - Media Giraffe Project at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Mike Dixon - Engineering Manager for Google News
  • Dan Gillmor - Director of the Center for Citizen Media
  • John Hamer - Executive Director of the Washington News Council
  • Rebecca MacKinnon - Research Fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center, where she heads Global Voices
  • John McManus - Project director of Grade the News, a project of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at San Jose State University
  • Bill Mitchell - Bill is director of publishing and editor of Poynter Online.
  • Craig Newmark - Founder and customer service rep for craigslist
  • Howard Rheingold - Author of Smart Mobs
  • Kim Spencer - Co-founder of Link TV
  • Mark Tapscott - Editorial page editor at The Washington Examiner
  • Fred Turner - Professor of Communication at Stanford

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