Infographics (also called invisual display of information but also of knowledge - how to do things. He created graphics for Time magazine for 16 years, and is the author of several books on the subject.

Close and strongly related to the field of information graphics, is information design. Actually, making infographics is a certain discipline within the information design world. Modern day American information designers, like Nigel Holmes, Edward Tufte, Peter Sullivan and Sam Ward, Donald Norman; are accompanied by a very active Dutch information designer: Paul Mijksenaar. His Amsterdam and New York based design studio is specialized in the development of visual oriented information systems. They create so called wayfinding and waysigning systems for all kinds of large public transport systems and infrastructures. Examples of their work are, the signing systems for airports in the Netherlands (Schiphol, Amsterdam), but also for airports in Italy and the United States like: JFK and Dallas Fort Worth.

Types of information graphic[]

  • chart
  • flowchart
  • histogram
  • graph
  • map
  • diagram
  • concept map
  • contour map
  • isotherm, isobar
  • mind map
  • signage systems

Interpreting information graphics[]

Many information graphics are specialised forms of depiction that represent their content in sophisticated and often abstract ways. In order to interpret the meaning of these graphics appropriately, the viewer requires a suitable level of graphicacy. In many cases, the required graphicacy involves comprehension skills that are learned rather than innate. At a fundamental level, the skills of decoding individual graphic signs and symbols must be acquired before sense can be made of an information graphic as a whole. However, knowledge of the conventions for distributing and arranging these individual components is also necessary for the building of understanding.

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Infographics awards[]

  • NSF Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge - Yearly award with an information graphics category.
  • [1] - Society for Newsdesign, holds an annual competition for newsdesign. categories are for example: infographics, pagesdesign, illustration and photography

Sources and more information[]

  • "Designing Infographics," by Eric K. Meyer
  • Book reviews, by Emil J. Posavac, psychology professor at Loyola University Chicago, Aug. 6, 2002
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